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144. Players can bet on eSports in a traditional sense, on events occurring in the game or the outcome, but video games in recent years have also started to incorporate gambling-like features which use virtual currencies and in game items such as loot boxes and skins.

This has raised concerns about what should and should not be considered gambling, and what steps should be taken in order to protect the large number of young people playing video games As Parent Zone told us, when children and young people are using these products “they do so without the protection of regulation, and it is because regulators do not recognise their value that parents do not consider their risk.”165 This is an area of pressing concern with “the blurring of boundaries between video games and gambling activities.”166 We address the regulation of gambling-like activities in Chapter 6.

virtual currencies, or cryptocurrencies, are digital currencies that are secured by data encryption, allowing currency to be transferred and transacted. Some cryptocurrencies are widely known such as Bitcoin, and social media firms like Facebook have proposed cryptocurrencies of their own. Decentralised gambling, which is also known as blockchain or crypto- gambling, is a form of gambling which uses cryptocurrency technology.



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